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One of my testimonials

Vivienne has been cutting my hair since I was 11 (I'm now 22) and has had to keep up with my changing tastes in my attempts to look 'cool'. Viv beautifully styled my hair for my prom when I was 16 and nailed the incredibly complex 'updo' I had chosen. Now, quite a few years later, Viv is going to be doing my wedding hair and makeup as well as my rather large bridal party of 6 and both my mother and grandmother's hair and makeup. I couldn't imagine using another hairdresser for such an important day. Viv has always been patient and great in interpreting what I would like for my hair. I've loved every haircut from the bob to the long-layered looks that she has so excellently done. Thank you for all your patience and fantastic talent!
~ Hannah

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