Barnum Products Review for Salonservices

24 Jan 2016
Barnum Brushes

Barnum Products – Magnesium and Ysocel Thermal Brushes.

I have been asked by Salon services to try out the following new Barnum products the Magnesium and the Ysocel thermal brushes.

My first impression of the Barnum brand was – WOW!! the packaging looks top quality and expensive, the quality of both thermal brushes are excellent, which in my opinion is perfect for the retail and professional market and would make the products ideal gifts.

The Magnesium thermal brush has a great soft grip handle which makes it very comfortable to hold and easy to work with. It is lightweight, as it is made of wild boar and nylon bristles, which is perfect. The producers of the brushes state that the magnesium technology has advanced its heat retention, the heat is then released resulting in shorter drying time. I have used the brush for two weeks now and have found it does dry the hair much quicker and I have also found that the hair holds it style a lot longer too. I have been getting a lot more volume and fullness and the hair feels softer. My client’s reactions have been positive – two wanted to buy one, one lady especially as she was delighted with the volume it achieved.

I like this brush – it works well on a lot hair types. This brush is especially useful when there is limited time to blow-dry.

The Ysocel thermal brush has a good quality soft wooden handle which is also very nice to hold. There are plenty of bristles, which are a mixture of wild boar and nylon, it feels and looks like a good quality brush. It works well on curly and frizzy hair giving a nice soft finish. You can get a good hold on the brush to get a smooth finish.

Of the two, the Ysocel thermal brush is my favourite, why because I really like the handle and feel of the whole brush and it is perfect to achieve soft look styles.

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