Christmas Party Hair styling

11 Nov 2017
Christmas is a magical time, for parties.
There is nothing more special than dressing up, having one’s hair styled & makeup done, by a professional.
It just has to be done, because you’re worth it!
November is time to start preparing for your special event. Whether you dust of last years or the years before party dress, or go shopping for something new.
Once you have your party dress sorted out, you now can concentrate on your hair and make-up ideas.
This can be a worry,take the anxious moments away,by booking me now in advance. To save a appointment for your hair styling or hair & makeup what ever you chose; we have time to Ping-Pong ideas by email.
Pinterest is a great place to find hairstyle ideas.
There is nothing more satisfying than creating beautiful hairstyles, to make my clients look great & feeling happy and confident with their party look.
Don’t stress, ring or text me on 07733220447 or email Best Wishes Vivienne Oscar


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