Vivienne Oscars Professional Hair tips

15 Mar 2017

Number 1

How to maintain your hair condition in between visits to me.


1. Protect your hair from heat it’s very important.

Hairdryers and straighteners when used regularly take the natural moisture out of the hair and can dry it out. A good hairstylist will always use a heat-protecting product. It is important you do the same at home.

2. It is worth investing in professional products and spending a little more. Its worth remembering the wise saying, you get what you pay for. I have always found this to be true where hair products are concerned.

3. Apply your heat protector then a styling product about the size of a ten pence, to damp hair paying special attention to the mid-lengths and ends. Use a little more on long or thick hair.

4. I use and retail Maria Nila.Why?

because all products are vegan & cruelty free and free from sulphates & parabens. There is a great range of shampoos and conditioners to suit your hair needs. Maria Nila has a light hold cream heat spray I have found very good with all hair types.

5. I love Moroccan oil Hydrating styling cream it has the lovely argon oil that helps to condition and hydrate the hair, and gives shine.

6. Olaplex Hair Perfector 100ml No.3.Strengthen coloured, dry and damaged hair. Apply on unwashed damp hair once a week 10 to 20 minute at-home treatment, rinse and shampoo and condition after. It enables you to maintain healthier-looking hair between visits.

7. Blow-drying always blow-dry in a downward motion as this helps stop the cuticles from opening and keeps the hair soft and smooth. Use a medium heating speed at the roots and a lower heat to medium speed on the ends to avoid splitting.

8. Straighteners make sure you don’t apply too much unnecessary heat to your hair, around 185°C is the perfect temperature.

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