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Latest Blog

Vivienne at the FHBF Awards

Vivienne achieved the place of First Runner-Up at the Freelance Hair & Beauty Awards in the Wedding Hair Styling category!
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Need a Change or would Just Like Professional Help?


For the complete novice at makeup, to those who would simply like to know more and benefit from a little professional fine-tuning, I offer one-to-one hair or makeup lessons.

These sessions are tailored to your needs, and we can start at your makeup bag, see what works, & find out what needs to be added. I will advise you on skin care and styling products and teach you what will complement your skin tone and hair colour. You will leave with a list of tried and tested products that work for you, which you can later go out and purchase.

This takes the guesswork out of buying expensive makeup or hair products you may not end up using, and of course you will also come away with an enhanced skill in makeup application, helping you to create your desired look.

Perhaps you’d like to learn some particular hair-up skills? Whatever your needs, I am happy to share my expertise with you. For prices & availability, simply contact me.

This would also make an amazing gift for a friend or partner!